Paris, 2010

Paris, 2010

Software Skills:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash
Adobe After Effects
Maxon Cinema 4D

Personal Skills:

Problem Solving

About the Artist

I had my first art lesson when I was seven. My great grandmother taught me how to draw Dolly Pardon. Yes, Dolly Pardon. As I grew, I enjoyed making art and learning about the natural world.  My continued interests in art and biology took me to Syracuse University in New York, where I majored in illustration and learned how to draw more than just big hair and high-heels.  I also continued to take upper level biology courses in the hopes of combining my love for art and science into a medical illustration graduate degree. When I wasn’t in the classroom, I was honing leadership, communication and teamwork skills, and of course, learning how to appropriately dress for walking in blizzards.  

Shortly after I graduated with my BFA, I pursued a different passion—education.  Knowing first hand the value of a good education, I found myself teaching eighth grade science in an inner city classroom in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri through Teach For America.  I quickly learned that visuals made complex science information accessible to my students that struggled academically. Realizing the benefits and importance of educating through visuals, I knew I wanted to use my talents in art to make a lasting impact. 

After two years of incredible challenges and invaluable experiences as a teacher, I attended Augusta University, formerly Georgia Regents University, where I combined my interests of art, science, and education to earn a Master’s of Science in Medical Illustration in May of 2015.  As an artist, it is my goal to make information accessible by clearly and accurately communicating information. 

Currently, I continue to teach 7th grade general science and refine my skills as a medical illustrator. The impact my students have on me will always be in my decision making and therefore, I have a great responsibility to create visuals that educate and empower my audience to make better informed decisions about their health. 

I am more than a visual educator. In my free time, I can be found outside playing ultimate frisbee, attending sporting events (Go Royals!), learning how to cook and planning life’s next big adventure. 

                        Swiss Alps, 2010

                        Swiss Alps, 2010

Be brave enough to live life creatively.
— Arnold Vinick